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What Is a daring life?

There are three different definitions of the word daring:

1)To have the courage to do something. 

2)To defy or challenge to do something.

3)To take the risk; be brave. 

Living a daring life encompasses all of these things. It is when we choose to take responsibility for our life by no longer just letting life happen to us, but actually taking action and making choices that create the results that we want. This often requires us to question our current beliefs, venture into the unknown, and make changes. 

The beauty and reward for living a daring life is realizing that, within each of us, is the power to create what we want in our life and that we don't need to wait for anyone else for it to be possible. When we get to make our own rules and live with intention, our life actually FEELS like ours and it's the most empowering and freeing feeling.

Another result of living a daring life is that once we see how much power we have over our life experience, we dare to dream knowing that someday, somehow, we have what it takes to make that dream a reality. 


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