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The Real Reason You Feel Stuck in your Life (And what to do about it)

Do you feel like your stuck in your life? You're doing a lot, but you feel like you're going nowhere in your life and you have no idea what is wrong or what to do? Discover the real reason why you're stuck and what you can do to start moving forward again.

There was a point in my life where I felt really stuck. I was doing a lot; my days were packed full, yet every day felt unfulfilling.

It kind of felt like running on a treadmill–I was working hard, but I was going nowhere.

It seemed like something was missing in my life, but at first, I didn't really know what it was, so it was hard to know what I wanted or what needed to change. This started me on a journey of self-discovery that has resulted in a beautiful life of freedom.

Looking back, there was one main reason that was keeping me stuck–no personal growth.

I believe that part of our purpose here in our life on Earth is to learn and grow; to progress. When we don't have any personal growth we feel it in every part of our life. Our days feel stagnant, even if we're moving and doing things, because we're not moving (progressing) internally.

When I realized that what was missing in my life was the real me, I started down the path of discovering those parts of myself so that I could stop being stuck and start moving forward.

If you are currently feeling stuck in your life, here are three areas that may be holding you back from personal growth and discovering the authentic you:

1. Expectations

So much of what I had based my life on was not coming from me. I had molded myself to fit the expectations of those around me. While I was doing a lot, I was not doing a lot of what was important to me. Many of my actions were based in obligation.

When you are so focused on fulfilling the expectations of others, there is little room for personal growth because you are so busy running around trying to meet all those expectations.

The good news is that expectations can be redefined at any time. When you take the time to identify what expectations there are in your life and then intentionally choose which ones to keep and which ones to let go of, you will see growth and progress in your life.

2. Your identity

As humans, we are constantly judging and labeling those around us to help us categorize where people fit into our life. From a child, you would've used others perceptions of you to figure out who you are. From this you create your identity. In my life, I was suppressing the best parts of me because I had been conditioned to believe my strengths were weaknesses simply because those people didn't like it. But your identity is whatever you want to make it and you can choose who you are and who you want to be. I was told often as a child that I was emotional, which indicated that I was weak, where now I see that my emotions make me very empathetic which I see as a strength.

Personal growth will come from getting clear about your identity, deciding who you want to be, discovering your strengths, then permitting yourself to be step into your power and be your full self.

3. Not following your dreams

As women, we're often told that focusing on ourself or our dreams is selfish, but this isn't true. Part of our personal growth is getting curious about our passions and desires. You feel stuck when you stop taking the time to do this because without it, your life becomes a hamster wheel; doing the same things and repeating it day after day with no progression towards the things that you truly desire in your life. When you follow your dreams, it is inevitable that you will grow as a person and feel less stuck in your life because it will include many opportunities for new struggles and challenges as well as result in a lot of growth and happiness.

How to get unstuck

If you want to get unstuck and start feeling more fulfilled in your life, you can start by honestly looking at where you are spending your time and assess whether you are spending any of that time on your own personal growth.

Here are some questions that you can journal out right now to help you get clear about where you are, where you want to go, and help you identify the next step:

  • What do I secretly yearn to do or learn about? What am I passionate about? If I could do anything with my time, what would I do?

  • What is holding me back from doing those things?

  • Are the things holding me back expectations or labels placed on me by others?

  • What is one area of personal growth that I would like to work on right now? What is one step that I could take to progress in this goal?

Imagine a life that has more of you in it, meaning, more of who you are. It's a life where you are doing the things you love with the people you love the most. It's a life where your dreams are not limited and you live your life with intention and purpose. It's a life where, rather than feeling stuck, you feel freedom.

As you focus on intentionally creating moments of personal growth in your life, you will see a dramatic shift in how you feel and in the progress that you make as you move forward on your life journey.

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