The Daring Life Podcast

This podcast is for women who value their personal growth and dare to invest their time and energy into improving themselves.  My goal is to empower you to shoot for extraordinary, to create a life you love, and to be a little more daring each day.


If I jump, will you jump too?

How do you live your life?  Are you playing it safe, coasting from day to day, simply surviving?  

Do you have big dreams and goals that you either don't know how to make a reality or are too scared to pursue?

Do you want more peace, joy, adventure, or authenticity in your life but you don't know what to do? 

Then this is the podcast for you! In this episode I give you a glimpse into the transformation journey that inspired my whole philosophy on life.  It also happens to be the bigger purpose and main goal of this podcast.  



You know who gives great advice? Charlie Sheen. Ok, maybe most of what he says is not great, but there is one word that he said that has turned into our family mantra. 

What does winning in life mean to you?  Does it mean always being in first place?  Does it mean that you do something perfectly?

In this episode I talk about how we can redefine what winning looks like in our life and why we would even want to.


to be or not to be mediocre

Does believing that all you want is a mediocre life a thought that's serving you? In this episode I talk about why I don't think it is and why I don't believe that anyone is meant to just be mediocre. 


the happiest place on earth

I just returned from a trip to Disneyland and noticed that this trip had been different than the others in the past. 

We all have core needs that we want met, but often we go searching to fill those in the wrong places. In this episode I talk about my journey and what I discovered about myself that helped me to fulfill those needs in a more lasting way. 


see you at the crossroads

In this episode, I talk about how I believe that the people we cross paths with are in our life for a reason.  I like to call these moments "crossroads". It's easy to see the value in our relationships when they are going well, but what about the ones that don't end so well? Can we still find value in those? 


trust thyself

Trust issues.  We all have them right? In today's episode I talk about how we can be more trusting in our life and it starts with trusting ourself.  


a worthy investment

As parents, we try to give our children as many opportunities to learn and grow as we can, but how often do we make our own progression a priority?

Is personal growth important for adults too?

Why don't we invest more in ourselves?

Is there a way for both children and parents to have opportunities for personal growth? 

I talk about these questions and more on this episode. 



"Everything is Going Wrong"

"I Always Do Everything"

"He's Always Negative"

Do you ever use these phrases? They're called Hyperboles. In today's episode I talk about why using these types of phrases may not be serving you and how you can modify them to get the results you want instead. 


Bee troubles


How do you react when you hear that sound? 

In today's episode I talk about four different ways that people react to bees and compare it to the four different ways that people can react to negative emotion. 

Which one are you?


A Daring life transformation

There was a time in my life when I was simply living day to day. Life was monotonous, even boring. But I was too ashamed to admit that. I felt like something was wrong with me. How could I have a blessed life, yet feel so unhappy? In this episode, I talk about my transformation from just surviving my life to thriving. 


A Decade of daring

I haven’t been one for New Year’s Resolutions, but this year is the beginning of a new decade and I want to make it the most daring one yet. I’m approaching goal setting with my own unconventional process and in this episode I’ll walk you through it. If you’ve never been a New Year’s Resolution-er, I encourage you to give my process a chance and see if you’ll be jumping into this new decade of daring with me. 


You are the one you've been waiting for

I recently saw Frozen II and 1.5 hours and a packet of tissues later, I came out feeling emotional and a little confused as to why the movie hit me so hard. After some reflection from my past year, it all became clear. In this episode, I share with you my biggest takeaways and the life experiences that accompany them. 

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