"I think by realizing that all I can really do is do MY best- it takes a lot of pressure off and removes so much guilt that can come from our daily mom lives. I know my view of motherhood has changed a ton because of my interactions and the coaching I’ve had with chaundell. Before, I would feel a lot of frustration and guilt for smaller things in the day or feel like I wasn’t doing “enough” but now I’m able to question those thoughts and try and remember what really matters in the moment. This program is life changing in so many ways."


"Working with Chaundell has helped me understand that the way I viewed my roll as a mother wasn't impacting my live in a positive way. It was leaving me stressed, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. By shifting my mindset, determining my core values and learning to let things out of my control go, I have seen a huge shift in my effectiveness as a mother and towards a more fulfilling purposeful life."


"Coaching with Chaundell has been life changing and I’m not saying that lightly. I have struggled to understand, work with, and enjoy one of my children for many years and Chaundell has helped me turn this relationship completely around. She pointed out that I had been addressing behaviors, not well I might add, but I was never truly addressing the core of the issues so the behaviors kept surfacing and I stayed frustrated. After I changed my thoughts and altered my expectations, I saw my child for the amazing human being that she is and truly valued her for all of the ways I had struggled with her in the past. This hasn’t been easy and I have had to push myself to step back from my initial knee jerk emotion many times and ask myself questions to adjust my thoughts and my reactions. Chaundell cheered for me during my breakthroughs and never judged me when I faltered. I am eternally grateful for the guidance that led to a deep meaningful relationship that I never thought possible." 


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