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A life with less of what it should be and more of what you want it to be.

The Daring Life Podcast was created for the woman who has been doing the mindset work and reading all of the self-help books; the woman who is focusing on the work that she is “supposed” to be doing, yet still feels stuck and unfulfilled. Creating a daring life starts by following your Inner Compass, and this podcast will teach you to tune in as you learn to do that.


I’m Chaundell! I’m an Author and Daring Life Guide. I empower women to recognize, trust, and follow their Inner Compass to create their most authentic and purposeful lives.


As you listen to the show you’ll learn about:

-What your daring life can look like

-How to recognize obstacles that are keeping you from your Inner Compass

-How to discover the answers that are already within you

-How to stop leading from your mind and start leading from your heart


Listen while you’re driving, as you walk your dog, or while you’re eating your breakfast. This will become one of your favorite parts of the day as you focus on yourself and start to create your most daring life.


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