Chaundell Monn is an inspiring and relatable speaker and author of the book Trailblazer.
She is engaging and encourages deep self-reflection while also bringing humor and positive energy. Her goal is to help the audience find the answers they are seeking by connecting with their deeper selves, or as she calls it, your Inner Compass, so that they can go out and create fulfilling, authentic, and adventurous lives.
Chaundell is available for:
  • Podcasts
  • Virtual Events
  • Book Clubs
  • Conferences


Below are some keynote topics that I could speak about on your podcast or at your event. Don't see a topic that quite fits? No worries! Contact me and we can find a better fit for your audience. 

  • "Am I crazy?" How listening to the voice in your head can lead you to an authentic and amazing life.

  • The Trailblazer Life: Taking a step off the beaten path to create your most daring life.

  •  Be the author of your life story: How seeing your past differently can rewrite your future.

  • The "One Day" Revolution: How to live any dream right now, even if they seem impossible. 

  • Daring Life Experiment: Living a life from the inside out (even when it doesn't make sense).

To inquire about booking, please email daring@chaundellmonn.com