Hey there,

I'm Chaundell 

And I want to tell you a secret–


I hear voices in my head. 

Am I crazy? Maybe.

Let me explain...

As far back as I can remember, I've always had this inner battle. On one hand, there was a voice that told me to stay in my comfort zone, be safe, and do what others expected me to do. But then there was another voice, albeit quieter and less pushy, that would tell me something different. 


There were moments when I listened to the quieter voice that led me to do really courageous things that positively shaped who I am like auditioning for the high school musical knowing I picked the WORST song, but getting up and crappily singing it anyway (that's a story for another time). 

Most of the time, though, I listened to the louder voice to make decisions for my life.

Fast forward to me as a stay at home mom with young kids. I was living a good life. My husband had a great job, my kids were growing and thriving, and we lived in a nice house in a beautiful neighborhood. I was able to stay home with my kids and was accomplishing everything that needed to be done to keep my home running. From the outside, everything looked fine. But internally, I was suffering. The monotony of everyday life was weighing me down. I felt unhappy and unfulfilled. I had a nagging feeling within that called for something more. It was like something was missing in my life. 

I kept this feeling to myself because I was ashamed. I felt ungrateful and a little afraid that the problem wasn't with my life, but with me. 

spent the next couple years trying to find anything to satisfy this nagging feeling within–self care, going to the gym, starting side businesses, attempts to be better with organization and time management. When those didn't work, I tried to drown it out with emotional eating, Netflix, and scrolling social media. But those only worked temporarily too. The feeling remained. 

Then, an unexpected and scary sickness turned out to be a blessing because it forced me to stop and re-evaluate my life. It forced me to stop moving and to sit and reflect. As I did that, I realized two things:

1. The life I had built thus far had come from listening to the louder voice in my head. It was comfortable and safe, but it was based on expectations and what a good life was "supposed" to look like, not on what I actually wanted. 

2. The feeling of being called to more wasn't nagging at me–it was calling to me. It was the quieter voice in my head that was trying to tell me that my life was not aligned with what I truly desired and that it was time to make a change. 

Right then and there, I made a promise to myself. I promised that if I got better, I would dedicate myself to becoming the person I wanted to be and live the life I wanted to live. 

{SPOILER ALERT} I did get better. 

And guess what? I did change my life. I got to know myself again. I started to pursue my passions and interests, and I allowed myself to dream. I listened to that quiet voice, what I now call my Inner Compass, and it has led me to some daring things like: starting a business, writing a book, homeschooling my kids, traveling internationally as a family, and having my husband retire and stay home.


By following my Inner compass, I not only live an authentic life, but I live a life that's amazing beyond anything I had imagined. 

It hasn't been easy, and I've definitely made some mistakes, but as I practiced following my Inner Compass more and more, I've come to learn one, really important thing–no dream is impossible

That's right, not even yours!

That dream you have, that sounds crazy and seems impossible...the one that keeps calling to you no matter how much you ignore it or try to bury it...the one that when you allow yourself to think about it, your heart flutters and a fire lights in your soul...

It's waiting for you.


I started my journey where you are now. If you have a desire to change, a willingness to do the work, and a commitment to never give up, I know it's only a matter of time before your impossible dreams become a reality. 

So, the question still stands...am I crazy? Well, following the quiet voice in my head led me to every amazing thing in my life. If that's crazy...I don't wanna be sane.