I help women who are ready to surrender to their Inner Compass and be trailblazers in their own life.

I've been where you are. For many years, I lived my life according to what others told me would make me happy. I felt guilty about doing things for myself and I lost who I was as I tried to fit the mold that others had created for me. 

This path led me to a place where I forgot who I was. I felt unhappy and unfulfilled in my roles as a wife and a mother. I knew that something was missing in my life. 

An unexpected and scary sickness turned out to be a blessing because it forced me to re-evaluate my life and the dreams I had for myself. Right then and there, I made a promise to myself. I promised myself that if I got better, I would dedicate myself to becoming the person I wanted to be.  

{SPOILER ALERT} I got better. 

And guess what? I did dedicate myself to changing my life. I became a Trailblazer and created my own path. That was six years ago and my life today looks a lot different than it did back then.


I got to know myself again. I started to pursue my passions and interests, and I allowed myself to dream again. Today, I live a life that is authentic, fulfilling, and full of adventure. It's a life that is uniquely mine.


And now, I help women like you do the same. Let's blaze the trail together to create a life that is uniquely yours. ​

Hey there. I'm Chaundell

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