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Ever wish you had someone who could show you exactly what you need to do to create a life that you love?

Well, that's my job. 

Hey, I'm Chaundell. 

Author + Daring Life Guide + Status Quo Disruptor

I take an inside-out approach to creating authentic and fulfilling lives. 

With this philosophy I help women uncover the perfect roadmap that's already within them, that will lead them to a life that they love, instead of one where you're just...

  • going through the motions

  • saying yes to everything then feeling resentful.

  • Checking boxes on your never ending to-do list, just to feel like it's never enough. 

Because living your best life means listening and trusting in yourself to know the best path for you instead of looking to others for all the answers. 


My Story

I'm speaking from experience because...

#Realtalk: Listening to and trusting myself hasn't always come easily to me.

I learned the art of self-trust the hard way by keeping myself busy and overwhelmed to the point that I needed a divine intervention by ways of a surprise sickness.


I was just your average stay at home mom running around trying to do all the things–laundry, grocery shopping, Pinterest perfect birthday parties, spotlessly clean house, helping/volunteering whenever I was asked, etc.


On the outside, it looked like I was doing pretty good. But on the inside, I was struggling.


The never-ending to do list meant I was always stressed and overwhelmed and constantly being on the go left me feeling exhausted. Even though I got a lot done, I still felt like it wasn’t enough.


Underneath all of that, I felt a call to something more and felt that something was missing, but I dismissed it, slapped on a smile and just kept pushing through each day. 


Then one day, I got sick. It progressively got worse to the point where all I could do to be free from pain was lie down in a pitch black room. I couldn’t look at any type of screen or even see a sliver of light, so all I could do was think.


As I thought about my life and the possibility of death, some deep questions came up: 


“Have I fulfilled my purpose here?”

“Have I accomplished what I wanted to?”

“Have I become the person I want to be?”


When I got really honest with myself, I knew the answer to all of those questions were…


NO. {Knife stab to the heart}

But, even though it was hard to admit, after many hours of self-reflection, I had the most important epiphany of my adult life: The life I had built was good, but it was not what I wanted. 


I was doing a lot in my life, but I wasn’t doing a lot of what mattered to me. The things that I was stressed over had less to do with what I really valued and more to do with the expectations of others and what “they” thought I should do and be. 


Rather than looking inward and getting clear about what I really wanted, I just kept looking to other people to give me the answers and followed all of their paths instead of making my own which only led me to unfulfillment, unhappiness, and a lot of shame.


From death bed confessions to the Daring Life

Luckily, I didn’t die, so the story doesn’t end there. {Phew}


In a few years, I went from going through the motions of life to creating a life that felt purposeful and that reflected what I really valued–family, growth, and experiencing life to the fullest. 


My burning questions: What do I actually value? What do I believe? What do I want? How can I create a life that reflects those things? 


With those questions in mind I dared to question everything I had built my life on to that point.


Rather than trying to fix things by doing more, I let go of expectations and trusted myself to know the answers, only doing those things that helped me live my values and beliefs.


I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons along the way. The life I live today is not perfect, but it finally feels like mine. 

In 2019, I took those lessons I learned and started coaching and helping other women to trust themselves as they took steps to take back control and create authentic and fulfilling lives for themselves.


I later compiled those same lessons into my book Trailblazer: A Woman’s Guide to Letting Go of Expectations, Trusting Yourself, and Creating the Path to a Fulfilling Life so that I could help even more women. 

Through my book, courses, and coaching my mission is to help women drop the stress and overwhelm by doing less of what they think they should do and trust themselves to know the answers for them, rather than depending on others, so that they can create and live the fulfilling and impactful life that is calling to them.


You could call that living your best life, but I like to call it living a DARING life because it takes a lot of guts to go against the status quo and do things your own way and only the daring do it. 

the inside-out approach to

living your best life

Our Inside-Out approach to creating an authentic and fulfilling life helps women like YOU let go of the expectations and trust yourself so that you can feel confident in your ability to create and live a life that is happy, fulfilling, and 100% chosen by you. 


"I am continually amazed by the gift of Chaundell in my life! It was listening to my Inner Compass that moved me into the Client/Coach relationship with her. The experience has had a profoundly positive impact on my business and personal life and the relationships therein... I highly recommend her, and am blessed to know her!"



company values


1. You are the one you've been waiting for.

2. Anything is possible.

3. Everything is happening for you. 

4. Your life is created by choices and you always have a choice.

5. You make your own rules.

6. You have one life–experience it to the fullest. 



I'm a Fandom Nerd–Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Stranger Things, Sherlock, and Lord of the Rings–just to name a few.

Music is my fave. It helps me express myself, process emotions, and change my mood. Driving in my car, blasting BTS or Taylor Swift is one of my guilty pleasures. 

I'd pick a cloudy beach over a sunny one any day. Give me all the moody vibes!

I'm a collector of random skills. If it sounds interesting, I figure out a way to learn it. 

Potatoes are the holy grail of food. I'd eat them any way, any day.

I never read just one book at a time. There is a minimum of three books on my night stand at all times that I rotate through.

One of my life wishes is to go to a BTS concert, but crowds are not my fave so...haven't really figured out what to do about that conundrum. Hit me up with suggestions.

I'm a blackbelt in Kuk Sul Do, a Korean Martial Art, and can still deliver a mean roundhouse kick to the face if needed.

I'm a wannabe runner even though I have no interest in running anything longer than a 5k. Basically, if there's a zombie apocalypse, I just want to know I won't be in the back of the pack. 

I worked as a cashier in high school and now I don't like other people bagging my groceries. Self-checkout is one of the best things to happen to me.


in real life



Are we destined to be epic companions on your daring life journey?

You know what I mean, right?

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley (and mostly, Hermione, let's be real)
Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee
The Doctor and River Song
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
Chewie and Hans Solo

{I told you–Fandom Nerd}

The reason these duos are so dynamic and memorable is because they work together and use each others strengths to create even greater results than they might've achieved on their own.

You bring your dreams, your desire to create your best life, and all the pieces of your life. 

I'll show up with my ability to listen to what you say and see the patterns and deeper meaning behind your words.

Together we will uncover the answers that are already within you so that you can create your own unique path towards your daring life.

Ready for an adventure?

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